Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander

Posted 2015-01-27 by Nathan Ruchfollow
Star Wars: Commander is one of the many social RTS games that have cropped up recently. It is a great time waster, however, could be taken seriously if you want to pay to play and are in it for more than casual fun.
Type: Social RTS
Platform: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone
Players: 1 (Online)
Age: 9 and up
Game Time: Ongoing
Developer or Designer: Disney Electronic Content Inc.
Publisher: Disney, Lucasfilm

  • Easy to Play.
  • Excellent RTS.
  • Star Wars!

  • Cons
  • Can be laggy and buggy.
  • Arduous wait times.
  • AI can be nonsensical.

  • Review

    Star Wars: Commander is essentially the same game as Clash of Clans , but with a Star Wars skin. It is a solid RTS that’s a lot of fun, if it’s not crashing, like it tends to do sometimes.
    Choose your next battle Follow the story, or find another players base to raid

    Any fan of Star Wars will like this game. It gives players the opportunity, as has become expected of Star Wars games now, to choose their side. Set during the Galactic Civil War, you ally with the resourceful Rebellion or team up with the dominating Imperials.
    Storyline is based on chapters, starting with tusken raiders, progressively getting more difficult as you face more Imperials.

    Like any real-time-strategy, the objective of the game is to build up your resources to buy troops, defences and other buildings so that your base can withstand an enemy attack long enough for you to go out and raid another base. In Star Wars: Commander, your resources come in the form of credits and building materials that are used to build different buildings and research. Credits are for troops, and it is even possible to recruit Star Wars heroes like Chewbacca and Han Solo.
    It is satisfying to see your base come together and successfully raid other players or progress through the story, battling savage tusken raiders or evil Imperials.
    Be a Rebel Strategically place turrets and walls to slow the enemys progress.

    Pick your building strategy carefully. You could be waiting a long time for its completion.

    The game does suffer from some programming bugs. Sometimes it takes far too long to load, and sometimes it is actually frozen. And it can be excruciatingly slow to build up resources... unless you want to pay. That’s another downfall, and not really the fault of the game itself but of the entire genre (See here) . If you do not pay, you’re not going to be at the top of the leaderboards, regardless of how good you are.
    Plan your attack.

    You are awarded depending on how much of the enemys base you have destroyed and if you have taken out their headquarters. Be aware of the time limit

    That’s not to say you can’t have fun with it. Star Wars: Commander is perfect for those that don’t mind if their base has been destroyed a few dozen times, or that it’s been two days since they’ve progressed anywhere, because the game is just a distraction from waiting for the bus.

    For more Star Wars action, check out Star wars Galactic Defense or the Bioware classic RPG Knights of the Old Republic .


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