Star Trek Trexels

Star Trek Trexels

Posted 2015-10-05 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

The USS Valiant has been destroyed and it is your job to investigate. Assign a crew of intrepid explorers and boldly go where no gamer has gone before.

Type: Strategy
Platform: iOS, Android
Players: Single player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: 12-24 hrs
Developer or Designer: YesGnome
Publisher: PEGI

  • Fun graphics
  • Cool music
  • Narrated by George Takei
  • Choose your own crew

  • Cons
  • Has bugs
  • Dilithium costs too much

  • Review

    Do you remember when Star Trek came out in high definition and had some of its 1960s visuals remastered to make sure they were sharper and more realistic? Ironic then, how this game's USP is that everything is pixilated.

    In a return to all things retro, Star Trek: Trexels is a strategy game for iOS and Android . It was originally £3.99 to download, but has now been made free. That is probably because the price of dilithium (which you will eventually need to complete harder levels) is an expensive additional in-app purchase.

    My first spark of excitement came when I heard George Takei's voice providing the narration. This gives the game more of an 'official' presence, suggesting that it is part of the franchise rather than something made independently.

    After an entertaining teaser, in which the USS Valiant gets destroyed, you are made an admiral, and have to assign a crew to investigate. It is fun being able to pick your captain and other officers out of a selection, all of which have a different range of stats.

    Missions and objectives include building or expanding the ship (why it wasn't completed in drydock, I don't know - maybe things weren't due to be installed until Tuesday), beaming down to planets, and fighting Klingons. When battling or completing similar missions, you have to finish within a certain time frame. To do this, you collect energy and health cubes that randomly appear during gameplay. This is fun at first, but can get a bit repetitive after a few missions.

    I was really enjoying this game, but unfortunately was not able to test it out for very long before some kind of bug made half the screen go blank, and the game unresponsive. Perhaps a future update will sort the problem out, but given the need to spend real money to progress, I probably won't re-download it to find out.


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