Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Posted 2014-12-21 by Nathan Ruchfollow
An amazing game for RPG and Star Wars lovers alike. Choose between the dark side and the light side, and live with the consequences. Brilliant story, engaging gameplay, this is a triumph of a game.

Get ready to face the mouthless Darth Malak and his unstoppable army.

Type: RPG
Platform: Consoles, PC , iPad, iPhone
Players: 1
Age: It's a PG rated game. 12 at the youngest.
Game Time: 30hrs approx
Developer or Designer: Bioware, Aspyr, David Ohlen
Publisher: LucasArts

  • Engaging story (written by Drew Karpyshyn)
  • Well-paced gameplay
  • Wide range of choices

  • Cons
  • Slightly outdated
  • Too many loading screens
  • A finite number of alien voice recordings.

  • Are you a battlehardy veteran Or a spacefaring explorer Or a smuggler cut from the same cloth as Han Solo

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), released in 2003, was one of the first major RPGs from Bioware that dominated the genre. Since the original KOTOR, there has been a sequel and an MMORPG, which is now free to play and has over a million players. KOTOR won dozens of ‘Game of the Year’ awards and with good reason. This is probably my favourite game of all time and while a proper playthrough takes about 30 hours to complete, I have done so many, many times.

    Get suited up in armour or Jedi Robes

    Any Star Wars fan would like this game, but regardless of how well you know the rules of the universe, the mythology of Jedi and Sith, any of the numerous Star Wars aliens, or that this story is based approximately 4000 years before Darth Vader, the story is definitely one of the best Star Wars narratives ever told, and one of the best RPG storylines ever.

    When youre not saving the Galaxy, you can race your swoop bike across a number of planets.

    And if you feel like a little down time, you can always play cards.

    For its time, KOTOR allowed a remarkable range of choice for character creation, which is a feature much needed and adored by RPG fans. Allowing you to choose between race, sex, and class actually has a profound impact on the way you play the game. There are love interests to pursue. This is before the time Bioware experimented with more than heterosexual relationships, so the romance is fairly limited, but still enjoyable.

    Meet Carth, the honourable sidekick. He might have some trust issues, but hes a sensitive soul who needs someone to love.

    Meet Bastila, she enjoys giving speeches, lightsaber battles, and meditating.

    KOTOR offers one of the first well-constructed mechanics for its genre: the Dark Side vs. the Light Side. RPGs have been tangling with this mechanic for a long time and the Star Wars plot provided an excellent way to handle it. On the hero’s quest to defeat the evil Darth Malak, the hero is faced with many moral choices that affect the way his/her companions react to them, and can ultimately change the ending of the story.

    Stand in triumph as your hero walks the path of a saintly Jedi.

    Laugh maniacally as your hero turns down the path of an evil Sith.

    The combat is a fairly simple round-based system and should not pose a problem for anybody who has an idea of D&D class systems, and you don't even have to know what that means to master KOTOR's combat.

    Dual wielding lightsabers fighting off mercenaries Yes, please.

    Overall, the game is pretty relaxed and not for someone who wants real action all the time. However, if you want strategic, but easy combat, if you want to converse with various aliens across the galaxy and decide whether you want to resist the dark path and follow the light or even become a more ambiguous moral character, then you need to find a copy of this game.


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