Plague Inc

Plague Inc

Posted 2015-01-04 by Nathan Ruchfollow
. by Ndemic Creations is a hilarious guilty pleasure that you can play in short bursts or in a marathon of evil cackling as you infect the world over and over again. Your main object in this strategy game laced with black humour, is to develop a new plague that wipes out the world before they can develop a cure. A horrendously fun power trip.
Patient Zero

Type: High Strategy, Comedy
Platform: Phone, Mac, PC, Xbox One
Players: 1
Age: Mature
Game Time: Depends on fast-forward feature and player's choice of transmission.
Developer or Designer: Ndemic Creations
Publisher: Ndemic Creations
Theyve discovered the disease

  • Easy to understand, but still challenging
  • Good humour
  • Each different level presents an engaging new scenario.
  • Can name disease 'Idiocy' and infect the world with it.

  • Cons
  • Mobile version makes it hard to play without buying full version.
  • Tutorial Pop-Ups interrupt gameplay.
  • Can leave you paranoid and suspicious of sneezes.

  • Review

    If . did much else than poke fun at everything, or had its tongue anywhere else but in its cheek, this game would lose its appeal. Seriously, you are effectively trying to kill 7 billion people--but . is a satirical game designed to make you laugh stupidly at silly jokes.
    The Headlines

    Other than having a good laugh at the news headlines and the ridiculous achievements you are awarded for combining certain symptoms, the game is surprisingly educational. Firstly, you’re staring at a global map the whole time, polishing your geographical knowledge. What’s more is that you gain insight into how diseases are spread, what can cause a plague and how they develop. The game can also teach you how to prevent disease.
    Choose Your Symptoms

    Although the end of the game seems negative, because you have either been defeated by the cure developing WHO or you have successfully wiped out the planet, there are some glimmers that shine some positivity into your gameplay. For example, there is the Christmas special scenario where your neurax worm must infect the gloomy world with happiness.
    Get Happy

    The gameplay is straightforward, employing high strategy and quick reflexes. It is designed for hand-held devices, but can be played on a laptop or desktop just as easily. The game pauses when you choose how to develop your disease, whether you choose to spread it quickly through the transmission section, or develop its symptoms, or give it special abilities like drug resistance. Then you exit the menu and watch as your little red disease dots multiply, popping bonus bubbles along the way.
    The difficulties are explained

    . is a standard mobile game in terms of gameplay and can be easy to master for most people, especially on a ‘normal’ difficulty, but this game is not for everyone. The subject matter is definitely for a mature audience who understands satirical black humour—and enjoys it. Otherwise, you’ll end up leaving the game hating yourself for clicking your fingers together with an evil grin as your plague slowly kills off the world. No matter who you are, however, you will walk away from the game with a sudden desire to wash your hands.
    Watch the Disease Spread


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