Phase 10

Phase 10

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is a specialist card game based on a form of rummy -- it's the second best selling card game in the world.

Type: Card Game
Platform: N/A
Players: 2-6
Age: 8& #43 ; (could be difficult for younger players)
Game Time: Varies
Developer or Designer: Kenneth Johnson
Publisher: Mattel

  • Challenging card game that requires a bit of thought
  • Variation between phases
  • Can be played by groups big and small

  • Cons
  • The game can sometimes be time consuming
  • Losing a phase can be incredibly frustrating
  • Requires specific cards

  • Review

    My nan introduced me to when I was a kid. I won my first game; a case of beginners luck. Since then I've battled my way through countless rounds of .

    is a bit like golf--the player with the lowest score wins. There are 10 'phases' through the game and you need to complete them all to win. There are a few rules:
  • The phases must be completed in order
  • You can only complete one phase per round
  • To move onto the next phase you must complete the one before

  • These rules can get incredibly frustrating, especially if you get stuck on one phase for a few rounds--at the same time it's all part of the fun. Two sets of three is a pretty easy phase to complete, but you can guarantee you'll have to play at least one phase more than once.

    You start with 10 cards in your hand. Each turn you need to pick up a card, and discard one. The game combines strategy with luck. You need to plan your moves well: work out which cards you're going to start collecting, keep a watch on which cards other players are picking up from the discard pile, and make sure you don't get caught out with a large amount of high scoring cards in your hand. At the same time luck is very important, especially when you're lucky enough to be dealt a full run of 10 first go.

    features cards 1-12 as well as skip and wild cards. Unfortunately this makes it difficult to replicate the game with regular cards. Skip cards give you the power to hamper other players who might be ahead of you, but they can also be the fuel for plenty of arguments. Some of my favourite games of have been filled with plenty of angry words. It's one of those games where nothing ever goes completely to plan.

    The rules are fairly easy to understand, but the game can be difficult for younger players. It's a great addition to add to your family game cupboard, especially if you're after a card game that involves a little more thinking than Uno.

    Have you played ? Do you love it or loathe it?


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