Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions

Posted 2015-01-22 by Nathan Ruchfollow
Marvel's Contest of Champions is one of the most finely polished games available on a phone. Without a console controller or a real gaming keyboard, CoC is limited to only a couple of combinations, but that’s all that’s needed.

Type: Fighting
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android
Players:1 (Or Online VS. Battles)
Age: 12
Game Time: 10 approx. minutes per quest
Developer or Designer: Kabam
Publisher: Marvel

  • Excellent graphics
  • Runs smoothly
  • Funny and engaging
  • Fast paced

  • Cons
  • People who purchase have clear advantage
  • Repetitive
  • When you run out of 'energy' you have to wait (or pay) to play
  • Main Home Screen where you have the option of buying everything.


    Contest of Champions is satisfying not only in that it is a nicely paced fighting game, but it also gives you the ability to collect more characters and level them up. This can become excitingly addictive as more and more superheroes or villains are added to your stockpile.
    Magic crystal that unlocks Champions for you to play. Scarlett Witch pictured above.

    Pick your Team

    The game allows you to pick a team of three as you go through each tier. As you battle up the chain, the battles get harder and if you lose health in one battle, that carries on into the next. This means there is a degree of strategy involved as well.
    Choose carefully. You dont want to send out a Champion that is weak against your opponent.

    There are six different classes of heroes: mutants, tech, science, skill, cosmic and mystic. It works kind of like a complicated rock, paper, scissors, where tech beats mutant, and mutant beats science and so on. Along the way, you pick up potions and other power ups that can help you survive the next battle, but if you have picked the right champion, and levelled them up well enough, you shouldn’t need them.

    The actual fighting part is pretty simple. Tap, tap, slide, tap, slide, slide, tap, tap, tap, hold and release. Tapping the screen is the default punch, sliding is a stronger punch, and pressing and holding is a breaker attack. Tapping the left side of the screen makes you block, and you can also jump out of the way. There is also a power metre at the bottom of the screen that allows you to use your special attack. This differs from champion to champion and level to level. A low level Spiderman shoots some web and kicks a few times. A higher level Iron Man blasts his enemies with his jets.
    Iron Man is pretty awesome

    As for storyline—who plays fighting games for the storyline? The Collector has set up a contest where he’s possessed the minds of all the awesome Marvel characters and is now making them fight each other. You are the Summoner, a contestant in the Collector’s game. You use your champions to fight the other champions controlled by Kang and Thanos. Basically it’s just filler to justify why you get to fight all these characters together. It's not horrible, but there’s a reason the developer put in a ‘skip’ button for the dialogue.
    Choose your path up the map and face your opponents.

    Overall, it is a great time killer for a casual player, and if the player wants to spend money, they will progress very quickly, obtain many characters and pretty much dominate the game. As a free download, it is definitely worth it.


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