Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition

Posted 2015-02-17 by Nathan Ruchfollow
The Dragon Age franchise has seen some acclaim and some criticism. After the triumph of Origins, the kind of odd expansion pack and Dragon Age II, which many saw as a let down, we are now met with Dragon Age: Inquisition. This game is awesome, go play it!

Type: RPG
Platform: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC
Players: One, Online Multiplayer
Age: Mature
Game Time: Approx. 30-80 hours
Developer or Designer: Bioware
Publisher: Electronic Arts

  • Enormous world, story and player choices
  • Excellent characters
  • Challenging and enjoyable gameplay
  • Dragons

  • Bugs and glitches can at best look silly and at worst lose data
  • Long loading times, particularly on older consoles
  • The god-awful outfit you have to wear while in camp!

  • Review
    Inquisition is an enormous RPG, so it is story-driven. Your character is on a quest to stop the ‘Fade Rifts’ and the demons and darkspawn involved. You have somehow walked out of the Fade into Thedas, where the sky is literally ripping itself apart and only you have the power to stop it with your mysterious ‘mark’. The story is strong and engaging, but because there are spoilers at every turn, we should keep to the gameplay, rather than the story.
    RPG fans will agree that Inquisition has a lot going for it. It is a good blend between Bioware’s classic format and a Bethesda style RPG. It carries much of what is now expected of an RPG, you are able to choose your looks, sex, class and race—they even added the ability to be a Qunari, which is pretty cool.
    Class Choice

    The combat has improved immensely since the original and there are even two ways to go about it. Firstly, you can choose to fight in real time, holding down the attack button while casting special moves here and there. Or you can pause time, and strategically plan out your assault, moving each character to a tactful advantage, then slowly allow time to progress.
    Birds eyestrategic view

    Standard D&D archetypes apply—tanks, healers, etc. The class system works pretty well too. There are three type, warrior, mage and rogue and each of those classes has many subsets of their own. Mage has spirit, and three elemental chains, plus a special class, which is unique to certain characters and can be chosen by your main character. Rogues and warriors have their own special classes as well.
    Send your advisors to Ferelden and Orlais to complete side quests progress the story

    Quests are easy to follow on the map, even if you occasionally end up stuck on a mountain, unable to progress without walking around the whole thing first. Dialogue works well, though it is not quite as cinematically polished as say, Mass Effect, for example.
    Chat with your companions and help them deal with their emotional problems. It could lead to romance

    There needs to be a mention of Dragon Age Keep —the interactive choose-your-story interface that allows you to predetermine the world of Dragon Age. Essentially, instead of importing your character from your old Dragon Age playthroughs, you put one together online. Although, for anyone new to Dragon Age, you really don’t need to bother. The default world state is perfectly fine.
    There are some bugs in this game, but that’s limited to the rendering and most of the gameplay is unaffected. All in all, this is one of Bioware’s best and it’s good to see that they can differ from their standard carbon-copy characters, and have kept their promise of including minorities of race, gender and sexuality. It is a pretty long game, though, so be ready for an investment.


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