Catchphrase Classic

Catchphrase Classic

Posted 2015-11-11 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Solve the popular catchphrases by interpreting humours scenes.

Type: Word
Platform: Anrdoid, iOS
Players: Singple Player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: Cube Interactive
Publisher: PEGI

  • Great graphics
  • Nostalgic fun

  • Cons
  • Timer starts counting down before the image gets to the actual catchphrase
  • Cultural knowledge required

  • Review

    After playing Catchphrase 2015 , I discovered that Cube Interactive also created for Android and iOS. Quite why the same developers decided to make two different versions of the same game, I am not quite sure, especially since the two are so similar. There are a few differences, but nothing that is really going to make gamers have a significant preference. Still, I thought it worth giving both a try.

    As stated in my last review, Catchphrase used to be a popular British gameshow, in which contestants would be shown an animated scene. They would then have to guess the phrase the image was referring to.

    The format translates very well into an app, but I can't help feel that didn't utilise its full potential. It would have been great if it was made into a multiplayer game, in which you would be up against other online players, trying to be the first to answer correctly. At the moment, however, it is simply a single player game. Fun, but not as fun as it could be if competing against others.

    The game is divided into 'episodes', each of which has nine levels to unlock. After seeing an animated sequence you are given a selection of words that you have to choose from and put in the correct order to complete the phrase. The faster you answer, the more coins you earn.

    The ninth level is the 'Super Catchphrase'. Here the image is covered by panels, which slowly get removed one by one to reveal the picture behind. You have to guess the phrase while part of the image is still concealed.

    is a very enjoyable brain teaser that is neither too difficult nor too easy. It has just the right balance to keep you coming back for more.


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