Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga

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has become one of Facebook’s top games, and with good reason. This match three shooter is a must-try!

Type: Match 3
Platform: Facebook, iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire
Players: 1
Age: 5& #43 ;
Game Time: Unlimited
Developer or Designer: King
Publisher: King

  • Highly addictive, much more than just a bubble shooter
  • Leaders boards for each level to compete against your friends
  • Available on multiple platforms

  • Cons
  • Gameplay can get repetitive

  • Review

    Based on the familiar gameplay of puzzlers like Snood and Puzzle Bobble, takes what we already know and love about this kind of puzzler, and feeds it some good ole LSD. is a playfully creepy match-three game where players use a cannon to shoot different coloured bubbles at a wall of slowly descending bubbles of various colours. The goal is for the players to shoot their bubble into bubbles groups of the same colour. Once hit, the bubbles disappear. Any bubbles that are no longer attached to the main bundle drop off the board. The idea is to clear the screen and make as many points as possible.


    is pretty simple, however, although it may be easy to play, it is hard to master. Players gain points in multiple ways. First, points are gained by making bubbles disappear. Bonuses are made making bubbles disappear in consecutive moves. The more moves in a row, the higher the bonus gets. Players can also make bubble drop off the board by making the above bubbles disappear. When is done, the dropped bubbles fall into cauldrons at the bottom of the board. Each cauldron is assigned a different point value.

    Players can also swap between bubble colours. Check the middle top cauldron to see which colour is next in line, also the number on the cauldron shows how many bubbles are left to play. If there are any excess bubbles in the cauldron at the end of the round, then they get tossed out in random directions until they land in one of other point assigned cauldrons. It’s a nice bonus to get at the end of any round. Lastly, players also get points for having bubbles rub against hanging spiders which will drop down and hang out over the point cauldrons. Be careful though, a wrong move could send a spider back up the board, and away from the point scoring cauldrons.

    Competing on Facebook

    Most games that connect to Facebook, like Bejeweled Blitz and Words with Friends , pit players against their Facebook friends, but none do it as well as . In there is a map, each dot on the map indicates a different screen to challenge players. Each screen has its own leaderboard which lists all of your friends and their scores. This is a new way to challenging players. Just because you are at the top of the leaderboard on one screen doesn’t mean you aren’t at the bottom on another. This is a wonderful feature that will keep players engaged for round after round. The tablet apps also solo if you don’t want to compete against your friends, or you can log in through Facebook at any time.


    will attract casual and hardcore gamers alike with its fun gameplay and multiple leaderboards. If you haven’t checked it our yet, you should!


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