Words of Wonder

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Disney and Playdom have created a fun word puzzler designed to bring out the kid in everyone.

Type: Word Puzzler
Platform: Facebook, iOS and Android
Players: 1
Age: 12& #43 ;
Game Time: Hours
Developer or Designer: Playdom
Publisher: Disney

  • Huge amount of unique screens to play
  • Awesome competitive play
  • Different types of screen objectives

  • Cons
  • Lags heavily when played on Facebook

  • Review

    Disney and Playdom have teamed up to create one of the most fun word games around. is part fairy tale, part Facebook competition that surrounds the word game. An evil sorcerer has stolen all the colour from the story book! Players are on a quest to help Watson the owl bring colour back to the book.

    There are a whopping 405 screens for players to master across 27 different maps. Players can only progress through the game by completing each stop on each map in order, although players can go back to play previous stops to try and get a higher score. is basically a word search game, but players get bonus multiplier letters for making long words and then matching up special multiplier letters into new words. Each stop on the map has a different specific objective. Some stops require that the player make a certain amount of words, others require that a certain amount of letters be removed from the board, while others require a certain score be obtained in a set amount of time. Each challenge is unique in it’s own way, and easily keeps players engaged.

    [image3 The objective of this screen is to collect all the ink blotches]

    One of the best aspects about is its competitive nature. Similar to [link http://giventogaming.com/bubble-witch-saga/ Bubble Witch Saga], each player's score is pitted against all their friend’s scores for each stop on the map. This is great because players can play the game competitively if they want to or just play their way through the maps, the choice is theirs and both are fun. Friends can also help each other out by sending gifts like an extra move, or hint. Additional, and more powerful, bonuses can be purchased through the game’s store using real-world money.

    [image4 The leader board on the left will list all your Facebook friends who have played your current stop on the map]

    If you like word games, then is sure to fit right in on your Facebook page or smart phone.


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