Toy Story Smash It

Toy Story Smash It

Posted 2014-07-22 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Defeat cowboys and aliens in a target shootout.

Type: Puzzle
Platform: Android
Players: 1 player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: 2 hours
Developer or Designer: Disney
Publisher: Disney

  • Good graphics
  • Tests your physics
  • 90 levels
  • Free version to try out

  • Cons
  • Have to buy full version
  • Full version doesn't include 'Lost Episodes' levels

  • Review


    There are two versions of ! that you can play, a free trial version, and a full version for £1.49. What is interesting here about these two versions is that unlike most free trials that only offer a small selection of the levels available in the paid game, ! Free gives you a set of entirely exclusive levels. The 'Lost Episode' has fifteen levels that are unavailable in the paid app.

    This is good in a way because it means there is more to play, and people who decide to move on from the free version to the paid, don't have to repeat levels they've already completed. On the other hand, it could prove irritating, because to play all the levels, you have two download both games, which uses up extra space on your tablet.

    But what exactly is the game, you ask? ! mixes elements of the puzzle genre with target shooting. You'll find yourself in Andy's room, which is stacked with toy blocks to create buildings. The themes include space and the wild west.


    You play as Buzz Lightyear, whose mission it is to save Earth from Emperor Zurg, squeaky aliens, and bad cowboys. His weapon? A bouncy ball.


    Aim the ball at the target to knock down the towers your enemies are standing on. Where you aim is quite important, as you have a limited number of balls to knock all your enemies off their perch.

    To start with you aim at bulls-eyes, but other more powerful targets soon appear, including explosive presents, glass blacks, and the use of missiles. There are not always enough balls to throw at every tower, so you have to use your knowledge of physics to create a domino effect.


    In the full version there are ninety levels to keep you occupied, each of which score you on a three-star rating. This means that even after completing the game, you can go back and try to improve.

    ! has excellent graphics that are really in depth, and although I'd be surprised if they did use the original voice cast, Buzz does sound pretty much the same as in the movies.


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