Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz

Posted 2014-06-03 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Complete and clear lines to rack up as many points as possible before the timer runs out.

Type: Arcade
Platform: Android
Players: 1 player
Age: Any age
Game Time: 2 minutes
Developer or Designer: EA
Publisher: EA

  • Puts a spin on a classic
  • Free
  • Fair coin winnings

  • Cons
  • Not enough high scores to beat
  • Game doesn't end when grid is filled

  • Review

    Tetris is a world famous arcade puzzle game that was released on 6th June 1984. Hugely popular when it came out, its retro charms have made it even more loved today. To celebrate the game's thirtieth anniversary, EA have brought out a free-to-download Android app that puts a new spin on an old classic. has all the elements of the original, but adds brand spanking new graphics, explosions, and less frustration when trying to match the minos on the grid.

    The aim is to complete a line of minos so that it disappears, and earns you points. In Tetris, the different shaped minos would fall from the sky, and you would have to rotate them, and find a place where they fit on the board before landing in an awkward place. There is no time limit, and the game would only end once a mino hit the 'ceiling of the grid. In , on the other hand, each round lasts two minutes, and hitting the ceiling does not result in a loss. While I like the timer, I think part of the challenge is lost by not ending the game when reaching the top of the grid.

    The main difference in the game is how you place the minos. Instead of them falling from the sky, they stay where they are, while the computer gives you options on where to put them. You don't have to worry about fitting them into awkward slots either, as they magically fit in by themselves.


    If you clear a certain amount of lines, or get a big score from a move, then you can get bonuses that help you increase your score further. You can also unlock power ups to help. Some of these include magnets that pull all the minos to the left, and lasers that randomly destroy three lines.


    Power ups can be bought using coins, which are earned by playing rounds. The higher your score, the more coins you earn. There is also a daily spin box, where you have the chance to win more coins. Unlike a lot of tablet games, the amount of coins you win is quite reasonable. In a lot of the time, you cannot earn enough to make them useful unless you pay actual money for more. Here, while there is the option to purchase coins, you don't feel like you're missing out if you don't.


    can be played on or offline. If you play online, you can connect with Facebook, play against friends, and battle out for the top score. Offline, the challenge is to beat the computer characters's best score, but as there are only five to beat, this does not take long. After this, the aim is to beat your own top score; I would have liked to have seen more computer challenges though.


    There are, however, other goals to be achieved, such as clearing fifteen lines at once. You can see your achievements and collect your awards from the options screen.


    Also from the option screen is a Tips & Tricks section. If you are connected to the internet, you can watch videos that show you ways of increasing your score.


    does not pose as much of a challenge as the original, but allows for quick games that you can easily enter in and out of, and is lots of fun to play.


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