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A young apprentice must save his village from powerful energies, by going on a quest to find a magical sword.

Type: Adventure
Platform: Android
Players: 1 player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: 30 hrs& #43 ;
Developer or Designer: Touch Foo
Publisher: Touch Foo

  • Old style platformer
  • Free
  • Easy controls

  • Cons
  • None

  • Review

    If like me, you are a fan of platformers, is definitely for you. It harks back to retro side-scrollers games, but has better graphics that mix two-dimensional backgrounds with a three-dimensional foregrounds to create an in-depth universe, with lots of areas to explore.

    The story begins when a young apprentice wakes up from a nightmare, in which his village is under attack by evil creatures. He then discovers that his master is missing, and goes in search to find him. His master is dead - attacked by those evil creatures he dreamt about. Now the young apprentice is the village's only hope. He must go on a quest to find a magic sword that can defeat the creatures.

    is free to download for android systems, and takes you into a world reminiscent of various platformers from the past, including Castlevania (spooky castles, sword fighting, magic) and Crash Bandicoot (man-eating plants, portals, jungle/forest environments). The controls are easy to use, with touch screen arrows to move left, right, jump, attack, and pick up items.

    The difficulty level is just about right for the casual gamer; you will definitely feel challenged in certain areas, but it is not so hard that you'll get frustrated and want to pack it in. Challenges will include slaying creatures such as spiders and bats, finding keys to unlock doors, and completing mini side missions along the way.

    The more creatures you defeat, the higher your XP grows. When you have enough experience points, you gain a new level. At this point you can decide what bonus you want to get: increased life, increased physical attack, or increased magical attack.

    When you kill an enemy, you will also receive soul stones, which you can use to buy items from the shop in your village. You can also earn soul stones by cutting down plants and breaking pots.

    If you are far away from your village, you can get there quickly by using a portal that will transport you back. The portals also act as check points, and is where you re-start if you die.

    is an excellent platformer, and although it is for mobile gaming, I could easily imagine it as a proper console game. Here though, you have the advantage of it being free.


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