Royal Revolt II

Royal Revolt II

Posted 2015-01-23 by DamienRfollow
Part builder, part tower defense…interesting, fun, addictive, but could miss the mark for some.

Type: Tower Defense
Platform: iOS and Android devices
Players: 1
Age: 12 and up
Game Time: Unlimited…ish
Developer or Designer: Flare Games
Publisher: Flare Games

  • Seriously fun take on Tower Defense
  • Lots of options, tons of upgrades
  • The battle system is unique and a blast to play!

  • Cons
  • is a shining example of Freemium done wrong. I’ll explain below.

  • Review

    In the first Royal Revolt , our prince must reclaim his kingdom after the death of his father. It is an adventure game that has players taking the path normally taken by creeps in a tower defense game. Playing the aggressor - storming the castle - is a very different take on the genre. builds on the first game but instead of taking back a kingdom, players must both build and secure their own kingdoms and strengthening their forces to attack other kingdoms.


    The building aspect of Royal Revolt will be familiar to anyone who has played mobile building games like Clash of Clans or Game of War. Taverns bring in gold instead of the typical mine. Players build and upgrade farms to gain food, which allow them to attack other players’ kingdoms. Other staples include a silo, barracks (called the Troop Academy), wizard’s tower, treasure chamber, and throne room. Upgrades are done with gold, which is earned hourly via taverns or through battle with other players.


    Unspent gold is kept in the treasure chamber but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Other players can attack your castle at any time, so a good defense is paramount. A castle’s defense is made up of physical barriers, towers, and waves of defenders. Customizable player maps are the biggest addition to the series. Players can drop different skins over their map, add barriers, build towers, and manipulate the path invaders take to reach the gate. Upgrading the castle gate allows players to add more towers and barricades as well as extending the path. Wave of defender will also meet invaders on the path. These waves can be upgraded and manipulate to help strengthen a castle’s defense.

    Attacking Other Royal Revolt Players

    Battle in is very similar to the first Royal Revolt. Players summon creeps to help them progress down a path to an opponent’s gate.

    Players summon up to three different kinds of creeps per battle. Creeps can be unlocked and upgraded via the Troop Academy. Special troops can also be unlocked by venturing into the dungeon.

    Royal Revolt’s Pay Structure

    has a lot going for it. It’s highly addictive, it’s unique, and it’s just plain fun. Unfortunately, it can also feel like a money-grab. Building takes time and attacking other players takes food. Food takes time to harvest. Buildings can be rushed and a player’s silo filled with food but that takes a large amount of gems. Gems can be acquired by winning tournaments, completing quests, or by defeating certain dungeon stages. They can also be purchased with real-world money. If you don’t use gems, a player can only spend a maximum of twenty minutes playing the game before being forced to wait for more food, or for building to complete. For hardcore mobile gamers, this may be a large turn-off.

    Despite the lackluster pay model, is very fun and well worth downloading. If traditional tower defense is more your thing, then I would suggest the Kingdom Rush series or Incursion .


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