Injustice Gods Among Us Launches Joker Arkham Origins Challenge Mode

Injustice Gods Among Us Launches Joker Arkham Origins Challenge Mode

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Each month Injustice players are treated with a new challenge mode. Each challenge mode offers a character for players to each and ad to their arsenal. A challenge can be completed up to three times, so a player can promote their new character a couple of times without having to spend any credits.

[image1 The Joker Arkham Origins available through the Challenge Mode]

Available until June 24th, 2015 is a new skin on The Joker. Called “The Joker Arkham Origins”, this skin offers The Joker in a black suit, instead of the game’s usual purple. Like all Challenge Mode rewards, this Joker is a gold character.

[image4 The Joker Arkham Origins is available via challenge mode until June 24th, 2015]

Joker Arkham Origins Challenge Mode

To complete the Challenge mode, players will need Cyborg, Bane and Wonder Woman. Having each as a gold character would be preferable, as the Challenge gets tougher the further along you go. For more info on completing all three levels of the Challenge Mode check out my Challenge Mode guide and my Injustice power leveling guide .

[image3 Players will need Cyborg, Bane and Wonder Woman to complete the Challenge]

Joker Arkham Origins

So what makes the Arkham Origins Joker different from the other Joker characters?

[image2 The Joker Arkham Origins Character Back reveals The Joker's special attacks]

The most noticeable difference is the Joker’s poison. Instead of poisoning an opponent's character at the Joker’s point of death, this Joker poisons an opinion every time a special is played. This mean you can poison your opponents much more often. The first and last special will look pretty familiar, as they are the same as most Jokers, however the second special titled “Shank! Shank!” is a fun attack that uses the seldom seen punch/tap action.

[image5 Promoting The Joker Arkham Origins costs 220,000 credits, so take advantage of the Challenge Mode while you can]


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