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Think of the top five most popular answers to questions given in a survey.

Type: Quiz
Platform: Android, iOS
Players: Multiplayer
Age: 3 plus
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: Cube Interactive
Publisher: PEGI

  • Answer survey questions
  • Nostalgic fun
  • 1000s of questions
  • Great classic music

  • Cons
  • They give you a choice of answers, rather than picking one entirely from your own head

  • Review

    From 1980 to 2002, ITV ran a very popular British game show called s. Two families would compete against each other for cash prizes and mysterious prizes. All they had to do was answer very easy least they look easy to begin with.

    Before the show one hundred people would be surveyed and asked questions such as 'name a red fruit' or 'what do you use water for?' The contestants would then be asked the same questions and have to guess the top five answers from the survey.

    s has now been reinvented as an app for Android and iOS systems. Technically the name s is no longer accurate because you aren't playing as a team with your family against another family. Despite this, you can play against multiple other players online or with one other person sharing your device. You can also play solo.

    Before starting the game, it is first fun to answer some of the survey questions, which are used to help improve the game. One example includes 'Name a vehicle you would use, but not necessarily drive.'

    The one thing that is annoying about this survey is that instead of being able to come up with your own answer, you have to pick one from a list. I think this distorts the accuracy of the results, because the first option they see will then end up being the first answer that comes into their head. I found the way to get around this, is to try not to look at the options, but just read the question and then come up with my own answer. I then check to see if it is in the list and pick it. Of course, my answer is not always in the list, and sometimes the list doesn't even contain an answer I would have considered.

    The case is the same during actual gameplay, you get a list of options to choose from. Even so, getting the right answers is not as easy as you might initially think.


    Playing solo is surprisingly satisfying; I have noticed in other games is can get boring quickly but not so much with s. Still, I would think a multiplayer game would be even more fun. I say 'think' because unfortunately the game does not connect properly when you select this mode. Hopefully it is something that will be fixed in the next update.


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