Disneys Action Game Feauring Hercules

Disneys Action Game Feauring Hercules

Posted 2015-05-05 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Turn from zero to hero just like that, as you travel around ancient Greece saving damsels in distress and fighting hideous monsters.

Type: Action
Platform: Playstation One, Playstation Network, PC
Players: Single Player
Age: 3 plus
Game Time: 8 - 10 hours
Developer or Designer: Eurocom
Publisher: Disney Interactive

  • Catchy music
  • Amusing dialogue
  • Easy controls
  • Accurately follows storyline
  • Lots to collect

  • Cons
  • Awkward saving system

  • Review

    Released in conjunction with the Disney's animated film, Hercules in 1997, Disney's Action Game Featuring Hercules was made for the Playstation One and PC. In 2009 it was also made available on Playstation Network , meaning it is compatible with PS3, PSP, and PS Vita, so it can still be enjoyed by today's audience.


    The game closely follows the storyline of the film, and includes actual film clips as you progress through its ten levels. As it was developed at the same time as the film, an added bonus is that you also have the same voice cast, and all the humorous witty dialogue fits in beautifully.


    Anyone who has read my reviews before will know that I am a big fan of side scrolling platformers from the nineties, which means this game features high on my list of retro classics.


    In each level you have to fight your way through enemies (mechanical training dummies, thieves, centaurs, winged panthers, vulture-bats) as well as boss characters including Nessus, the Minotaur, harpies, the nine headed hydra, Medusa, and finally Hades himself.


    Aside from battling bad guys, what I most enjoy is finding all the in-level goodies which you need to collect for 100% completion of the level. Amongst these are the letters of Hercules name, action figure toys, and vases. Each vase has a symbol, and you need all the symbols to receive a password, which allows you to enter the that level of the game next time you play, without having to save.


    It is worth getting these passwords because the saving system for Disney's Action Game Featuring Hercules is rather awkward. Instead of starting at the next level, the game will instead load at the beginning of the level you just completed, meaning you have to complete it again. The only other way around this is by collecting all the letters of Hercules name, which allows you to start at the following level.


    Although a 2D side scroller, there is depth to the environment, as you can take passages into the background and foreground scenery. There are also 'rush' levels, in which Hercules has to continually run forwards, avoiding obstacles.

    Disney's Action Game Featuring Hercules is a great game to play, whether you are new to it or reliving nostalgia.


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