Defender II

Defender II

Posted 2013-11-28 by DamienRfollow
A traditional tower-defence, offers little when compared to its predecessor, yet still provides a relatively fun gaming experience for Android gamers

Type: Tower-defence
Platform: Android devices
Players: 1
Age: 5& #43 ;
Game Time: 1-2 minutes
Developer or Designer: Droidhen Games
Publisher: Droidhen Games

  • Decent graphics
  • Fun PvP option
  • Lots of upgrades

  • Cons
  • Limited gameplay, unless you really dig traditional tower-defence, then you’ll be bored pretty quick
  • Apart from the PvP, this game is almost identical to the first Defender
  • It’s only available on a single platform, iOS gamers are out of luck
  • No way to reset the game to level 1

  • Review

    Tower defence has progressed quite a bit in the past few years. Games like the Kingdom Rush and Incursion franchises are changing the way gamers think when it comes to the genre, but there are still some great traditional tower defence games being made and is one of them.

    Players start off with a crossbow to defend their tower. Later they can buy spells, magic towers and lava pits to help defeat each stage in the game.

    One thing has going for it is the amount of upgrades. The game has two forms of currency: coins and gems. Players have upgrade trees for their defender (the crossbow), their magic, their city walls and the model of crossbow.

    [image2 has both a local and online PVP mode]

    The game play in is fun but extremely repetitive. The two saving graces are the upgrade trees, allowing players to constantly have upgrade goals and the PvP option, which is pretty fun.

    [image5 offers three upgradable spells, like this fire spell]

    PvP in pits two random players of approximately the same level against each other in a timed free-for-all. The player who survives the longest wins. Players can monitor their opponent’s progress in a semi-opaque window on the top right corner of the screen during the match.

    [image6 In PvP mode, players can see their opponent in the top right corner]

    In terms of a innovation and overall quality, will offer new players a few hours of enjoyment, but those looking for great advances when compared to the first installment will be disappointed. Defender and are almost the exact same game. Many of the graphics are borrowed from the first game and the gameplay is identical. There are only two major differences: the first game offers multiple profiles, while the second only offers one which can not be reset, and the second game introduced the player versus player option. really should have been an update to the first game instead of a whole new title.

    is a free download and worth the bandwidth. It provides some entertainment but those looking for something spectacular should move on.


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