Contract Killer Zombies

Contract Killer Zombies

Posted 2014-01-12 by DamienRfollow
Contract Killer: Zombies is a map based shooter a-la House of the Dead that any fan of the genre will love.

Type: FPS
Platform: iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle
Players: 1
Age: 14& #43 ;
Game Time: Hours
Developer or Designer: Glu Games
Publisher: Glu Games

  • Familiar fun gameplay
  • Constant NPC protection adds a great new twist
  • Survival mode is awesome!

  • Cons
  • Weapons are expensive
  • Earning money is time consuming
  • Small selection of weapons that can be purchased with in-game money

  • Review

    What happens when Glu Games melds their successful Contract Killer series with a zombie apocalypse? Mobile gaming magic, that’s what!

    [image2 Here is the map that players navigate in story mode]

    Contract Killer: Zombies, or CKZ for short, is a FPS with a lot of emphasis on sniper-mode which I really like. One major difference to CKZ versus other similar Glu releases – Contract Killer and Frontline Commando – is that in CKZ, your main goal is to protect other survivors, mainly one girl named Evelyn. It’s like one giant FPS escort quest.

    [image3 Uh oh, Evelyn is getting munched on by a bunch of zombies, I better save her]

    Since this is a zombie game, I am not surprised by the amount of gore, but I would certainly only recommend this game to an adult or mature teen audience. I would also warn them a little about the cheese factor, as you can see in the game trailer below.

    I would also say, “don’t let the cheese deter you, because the game is worth checking out”. CKZ has a lot fun in-store for mobile players. There isn’t a ton of weapon options unless you’re willing to fork out some real-world cash, but the weapons that are readily available are super-fun to play with. You start off with a long-barrel six-shooter, so you can pretend to be Rick Grimes. You move on to a pump-action shotgun and later, on to a scoped riffle. You play your way through a scripted story and but you can also take a break any time and play the Survival Mode.

    [image4 Sniping the undead, awe yeah]

    The Survival Mode allows players to shoot up wave after wave of the undead. Similar to the story mode, players have unlimited ammo, but must constantly reload. It’s a great way to earn cash for gun upgrades.

    [image5 Check it out, football zombies on steroids, this is what I get for playing the survival mode!]

    This is a great mobile game for zombie and FPS fans alike.


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