Batman Arkham Origins Mobile Edition

Batman Arkham Origins Mobile Edition

Posted 2014-04-15 by DamienRfollow
The Batman Arkham series comes to iOS, and it’s epic!

Type: Fighter
Platform: iOS (an Android version is in the works)
Players: 1
Age: 12 and up
Game Time: Hours
Developer or Designer: Netherrealm Studios
Publisher: WB Games

  • Great fighting system
  • Absolutely superior graphics
  • Lots of awesome bat suits to try out

  • Cons
  • Early fights can get repetitive

  • Review

    This review only looks at the mobile addition of Batman Arkham Origins, if you are looking for the console version of the game just click this link here.

    I have two things to say about the mobile version Batman Arkham Origins: I did not expect this quality of graphics in a free mobile game, and it is everything I would expect out of a triple A batman title. The trailer really says it all:

    Arkham Origins is dark but shiny, has smooth battle sequences and interesting tap mechanics. There are multiple types of battles but most depend on Batman surviving on onslaught of enemies, fighting them one at a time. In the early stages, players basically have two moves, attack or block, but more open up throughout the game.

    [image5 Players start off with two fighting stances, which they can upgrade along with other basic skills]

    In my opinion, one of the best parts of Arkham Origins is the ability to don different Bat suits, from the original Arkham suits to more classic suits to the outright obscure bat suit like the WW2 suit. Each suit has it’s own health, damage and speed bonuses. Batman can also upgrade his basic and special moves as well as learn multiple fighting stances.

    [image2 I love the Halloween Costume Batman suit]

    Batman finds the baddies by looking at what missions are available on a very basic map of Gotham.


    Some of the missions are repeatable, others are time sensitive, and most which affect the main plot are one-off battles. Bosses have special moves, which can be countered by some fast finger tapping or swiping.

    [image3 Players tap the screen for Batman's basic attack but they can also complete combos by swiping at the right times]

    All in all, this is a great way to explore Gotham and play the Dark Knight. Batman Arkham Origins is currently available on the iPhone and iPad with an Android version to be released at a yet undisclosed date.


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