Angry Birds

Angry Birds

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A highly addictive game where you explode pigs by firing birds at them with a slingshot.

Type: Arcade
Platform: iPad and Android tablets
Players: 1 player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: Less than a minute per round
Developer or Designer: Rovio Entertainment
Publisher: Rovio Entertainment

  • Easy controls
  • Fun cartoon graphics
  • Hundreds of levels to unlock

  • Cons
  • Have to pay for extra features

  • Review

    Before I bought a tablet, I wondered what all the fuss was about over this game. I'd seen small cartoons, trailers, and things relating to it, but I couldn't figure out why it was all the rage. Now I do. It is highly addictive.

    The game was originally made for the Apple iPad, and can be downloaded on the iTunes App Store for £2.99. If, however, you have an Android tablet, you re lucky, as many versions already come with the game pre installed. If you don't, then it can be downloaded for free from Google Play .

    The aim of the game is pretty straight forward. There are these green pigs protected by various materials such as ice blocks, wooden planks, and steel. It is your job to destroy them by shoot birds out of a sling shot.

    You are shown how to do this by a quick pictorial tutorial, that shows you how to aim and fire by touching the screen

    There is an element of physics to the game, as you have to calculate the trajectory of your aim, and determine what impact the bird will have on the structure that it hits. For example, ice breaks easier than stone.

    There are various birds that you can use that become available as you progress through the level. You start off with a basic red bird,then at level ten you can use a tiny blue bird that separates and multiply to hit more than one location. Then there is a yellow bird, which acts like a torpedo.

    There is also a bonus black bird. This bird explodes when it lands destroying everything in sight. You can use these when you get stuck on a particular level. Be wise with when you use them, however, as you are only given ten.

    Once you run out, you have to buy more from the online shop. There are other objects you can buy to help win the game.

    Each level gives you a certain number of birds, and if you do not kill all the pigs by the time you run out, then you lose. For each bird left over, you score an extra thousand points, which really boosts your score.

    If you register to the website then you can post your high scores to the world leaderboard, socialise, and watch videos.


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