Odd Socks

Posted 2014-09-14 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

It's laundry day. Take the socks out of the washing machine and match them up.

Type: Pairs
Platform: Facebook, Android, iOS
Players: 1 player
Age: 13 plus because it's on Facebook
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: Oak Games Ltd
Publisher: Oak Games Ltd

  • Fun music

  • Cons
  • Need to invite lots of friends to progress

  • Review


    I was surfing Facebook the other day, when I got an invite from one of my friends to play . Despite the name, the actual aim is to match up pairs of socks that are the same shape or pattern.


    For some reason we happen to be doing our washing in the hillsides, and our washing machine requires no sockets to plug it in. But hey, we do have a Fairy godmother, so perhaps she is responsible for the magical equipment.

    Logic aside, the game does have catchy music, and a casualness that requires no commitment. It is one of those games you play when you are bored and have nothing else to do.


    When you start level one, you just have four primary coloured socks to match up. If you get four different primary colours on the clothes line at the same time, then you can click on them to make a set. As you continue through the levels, you will gain a wider variety of socks, such as spotty, stripy, tartan, starry, etc. For every match you make you earn you ten coins. Coins are important because you need them to empty your laundry basket when it gets full.


    Your laundry basket can only hold five socks at a time, and requires 250 coins to empty it. As well as getting coins by matching pairs, you also earn 250 every day you log in to play. If, however, you run out of coins, there is another way to get rid of your odd socks, send them through the post.


    This is why I was sent a game invite; my friend needed to get rid of her socks, so sent them to me, as the same time, asking me to play. You can only send one sock per friend, so this means that to progress, you have to invite a lot of Facebook friends to join. I find this annoying, because most of my Facebook Friends don't play online games, and understandably get irritated when sent invites. I myself get annoyed by this as well.


    There is not really much more to the game than this, which makes its shelf life quite short. You might enjoy playing it for about ten minutes a day, but no more than that.


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