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Play lots of mini games and chat with friends in a social gaming universe.

Type: Arcade
Platform: Android, IOS
Players: 1 layer
Age: 13 plus
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: No Play No Fun Inc.
Publisher: No Play No Fun Inc.

  • Customise your own avatar
  • Variety of games
  • Continuous new objectives

  • Cons
  • Long loading time
  • Narrator difficult to hear
  • Can't play with pets without friends
  • Takes up a lot of memory

  • Review


    If you own a Nintendo Wii, then you'll probably recognise some similarities between and the Nintendo Wii's Mii world. The Japanese created app is free to download from Google Play , Amazon, and the iTunes store, and is a cross between a game and social network.


    Upon starting the game there is a narrator who gives a brief introduction to the , but it is very difficult to make out what he is saying because the music is much louder than the voice. While I might have missed the background of how this universe runs, it bares little consequence, as there are tons of characters that walk you through with speech bubble instructions making everything is easy pick up and understand.


    To begin with you get to create your avatar, which is great fun because of all the customisable features. There several facial features that can be individually altered, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. You can choose from forty-eight hair styles too, although the selection of hair colours is a slight let down. You can pick from lots of wacky colours, but natural colours such as blonde and light brown are absent.


    There are not many outfits to choose from at first, but I later discovered that these can be unlocked by completing tasks. As you achieve more tasks, you can even evolve your costumes to a higher status.


    The 'homepage' of is the piazza, which is a gathering space for all the avatars, such as computer characters, your friends, and yourself. This acts in the same way as the Mii piazza on the Wii. The avatars will walk around and interact with each other until you organise them into a huddle.

    When in a huddle you can see symbols above their head, such as a plus sign (to invite Facebook or Google Plus friends), a tick (signalling a completed quest), and an exclamation mark.


    The exclamation mark indicates that an avatar has a task for you to complete, which usually involves playing a mini game in the 'OurCade'. These arcade games are very enjoyable for a number of reasons: they're fast paced, short, easy to learn, have simple controls, have great re-play value, and there is a lot of variety.


    Games include collecting stars in the sky, collecting pizza slices, while avoiding obstacles, fishing, finding the largest crab, chopping sushi, etc.


    If you achieve the task set in the game, then you win a reward. Rewards include experience points to help you level up, tickets, and coins.


    Tickets and coins can be used to unlock or play other types of games. For example, in Winata, you wack a pinata to win a prize.


    The first prize I won was a pet bull. There are all sorts of pets to collect, which can be trained and played with. The only annoying thing here is that to play with your pets, you need at least two people, which means having Facebook or Google Plus friends who also play. You can invite them to play, but most of the time these invites are just a nuisance to the receiver.

    If you do have friends who play the game, then it does add extra fun. You can chat with them in this alternative social space and challenge them in games.


    The main downside to is that it takes up a lot of memory on your tablet/phone, and when playing a game for the first time, it takes a long time to load as it downloads the contents. The time, however, can be passed by following the silly suggestions on the screen while you wait. For example, it suggests pulling a funny face in the mirror, checking your shoe laces are tied, thinking of a silly name for a dog, etc. If you have enough space on your device, it is well work playing.


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