Word Academy

Word Academy

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Connect the letters on the grid to create the hidden word.

Type: Word
Platform: Android
Players: Single player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: About 5 hours
Developer or Designer: SCIMOB
Publisher: SCIMOB

  • Makes you think
  • Easy to play
  • Addictive
  • Free

  • Cons
  • No two player mode

  • Review

    If you love playing with words and you love solving puzzles, then you will love . The aim of the game is to find a word or words in a grind of jumbled letters. The grid might make up several different words, but there is only one correct answer.

    There are ten ranks named after stages in our lives, starting from 'Teddy Bear' to 'Ghost'. The ones in between are more creative than simply 'child', 'teenager', and 'adult, however. For example, you have the 'cowboy' phase and the 'Skater' phase.

    Each rank has numerous levels, which get trickier as you progress. To begin with a grid is a very easy 2x2, but grows much bigger to 4x4. If you get stuck on a level then you can ask for a hint, which slowly reveals the order of the letters. I have a slight criticism here, for while I'm quite happy to have a hint option, I think it should be done in a different way. Instead of revealing the letters, it would have been much better if they hinted at the theme or topic. I.E. if the word was 'banana', the hint would be 'fruit'.

    It is not just a matter of finding the correct words, but finding them in the correct order as well. You have to join the letters up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, but if you connect the words in the wrong sequence, it is impossible to link the next word up as the letters are in the wrong place. I like this concept as it creates even more of a challenge.

    Although 'endless' games are great because you can just keep playing, there is something to be said for games that have an ending because you get a sense of satisfaction upon completion. The developers could have extended the life of though, by adding a multi-player mode. It would have been great fun to play against the clock with another online opponent, with the winner being the person who completes the puzzle first.


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