Wheres Wally Friends

Wheres Wally Friends

Posted 2015-08-12 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

A Tornado has swept through the lands and dispersed Wally and all possessions. Can you find them?

Type: Puzzle
Platform: Android and iOS
Players: Single Player
Age: Any age
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: Ludia Inc.
Publisher: Ludia Inc.

  • The picture puzzles are different from the books
  • Objects move location
  • Great graphics
  • Can compete/cooperate with friends via social media

  • Cons
  • The narration can be a bit patronising
  • Uncomfortable concentrating on a screen for so long

  • Review

    Where's Wally? is a series of illustrated puzzle books by Martin Handford that started back in 1987. The aim was to find the protagonist, Wally, along with all his friends and possessions in a very busy scene.

    The books were very popular in the nineties, up until 1997 when things went quiet for a while. It was not until 2006 that another Where's Wally? Book was published, and after that the series made a comeback, entertaining a new generation of 'Wally Watchers'.

    It did not only attract the young, but all those who used to follow the books, and had now grown up. Wally moved beyond the picture books and can now be enjoyed on many platforms, including tablets.

    Where's Wally? & Friends! is an app game available for Android and iOS systems, and provides a brand new way of searching our favourite red & white striped-wearing friend.


    The basic aim is the same: find Wally and lots of hidden objects in obscure and humorous worlds. These worlds are the same as the ones in the books, but the advantage this game has is that the objects you need to find are able to change places, so it is not simply a case of remembering where they are - which can get rather repetitive and boring.


    There are also bonus tasks, such as searching for Wizard White Beard in the dark, by moving a torchlight across the picture. When you complete certain missions (finding specific items) you are rewarded with coins and other bonus items to help to unlock more worlds.

    On the other hand, there is a disadvantage; one can spend ages looking at the page of a book quite happily, but staring intently at a screen for any given length of time can begin to strain your eyes. Nothing can compare to the tactile pleasure of finding Wally in a book, but if you want the social element, Where's Wally? & Friends! can provide it. Although it is technically a single player game, if you connect to your Facebook Account and invite your friends to play, you can share prizes, and compete to get high scores.


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