Whats The Phrase

Whats The Phrase

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Guess the phrase before your opponent to win.

Type: Word Game
Platform: Android
Players: 2 players
Age: Any Age
Game Time: < 1min/turn
Developer or Designer: Zynga
Publisher: Zynga

  • Create custom phrases
  • Over forty categories to choose from
  • Gets you thinking

  • Cons
  • Doesn't provide whole alphabet
  • Have to wait for you opponent to have their turn
  • Homepage doesn't delete old games

  • Review

    What's The Phrase? is a free to download word game for Android devices, and is kind of a combination of Hangman, Catchphrase, and Wheel of Fortune.


    There are over forty categories to choose from, including phrases from various decades and movies. There is also a special 'weekly category' that changes every seven days. If you don't fancy any of these, then you can also create your own custom phrases and present them to friends to guess.

    The aim of the game is to solve the phrase before your opponent. This can be done in a variety of ways. First is the Spin Button. On your first turn you spin the wheel to get a number, and that number is the score you'll get for every letter you guess. On a spin, it is also possible to land on a booby prize, which skips your turn.


    After spinning, you will then be presented with all the consonants. I find it annoying that you do not get given the vowels, but that is the whole point of the game.

    You are able to buy vowels with coins, which can be earned by guessing the correct consonants or bought with real money. Choosing when to buy a vowel is a question of strategy though. If you don't think you can solve the phrase in your turn, then it is best not to buy a vowel because it makes it easier for your opponent to solve on their turn.

    Another way of making it easier to win is by buying power ups. These allow you extra spins, eliminates incorrect letters, or gives you clues. You have three chances to solve the phrase before it is the next opponent's go.


    Unfortunately, it is unlikely that your opponent is online at the same time as you, so you have to log off and wait for them.


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