Triple Town

Triple Town

Posted 2013-10-03 by Lindsay Lawfollow
is a strategy puzzler where you have to build a city by matching three items, and turning them into other items. All the while, pesky giant bears and ninja bears try to impede your progress in making the biggest and best city possible. With a simple premise, a variety of game modes, and cute, pastoral graphics, is an addictive, little puzzler.

[image2 An image from the Standard Map]

Type: Strategy (Casual)
Platform: Amazon Kindle, Google , Facebook, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, PC, Mac
Players: 1
Age: 7 and over
Game Time: Minutes
Developer or Designer: Spry Fox LLC

  • More strategic than most casual games
  • Short game time
  • Attractive graphics

  • Cons
  • Freemium model
  • Limited variety
  • No updates

  • [image1 SOme of the different modes]

    is a turn-based, single player game. It has a very simple premise: build a town by matching three items together to build bigger items. Starting with grass, three of which becomes a tree, three of which becomes a house, which becomes a larger house, a castle, and so on. The game requires you to plan a few moves ahead, so it is more interesting and challenging than other casual games, which often are limited to simply swiping or tapping the screen as quickly or skilfully as you can. The added element of logic and strategy makes this game more interesting.

    It has a freemium model, so you can download the game for free and get a limited number of turns. Once these are used up, you need to wait for them to refresh until you can play again. I found this quite frustrating, because I was also unable to access all the game modes when I wanted. I suppose this is the point, as they want to provide encouragement to buy the full game. It does work for the developer: I soon upgraded so I could play whenever I wanted.

    There are other items that occasionally crop up, like crystals and bots. Crystals automatically complete whatever set of three you are working on when you place them, and bots allow you to clear a space on the game board, or kill Ninja Bears (turning them into gravestones). By playing the game you build up coins, which allow you to buy a limited number of items that you might need at a key moment.

    Of all the game modes, I particularly like Boom Town, which has a time limit and requires you to build the city as fast as possible. You get more of the bigger items (like trees and red houses). There are also boxes with crystals in scattered around the board, which help you along the way to floating castles, or treasure chests.

    I enjoy playing and even months after having downloaded it I still return for the occasional matching game, which I find quite therapeutic. However, it can get repetitive and once you have gone through all the modes you might find that you get bored. It would be much better if the developer occasionally released different modes or themes to keep things interesting.


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