The Harmony of Buku

Posted 2014-09-09 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Try out the demo version of a brand new platformer adventure game to be released in December 2014

Type: Platformer
Platform: Andriod
Players: 1 player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: 1 - 2hr for demo
Developer or Designer: DeMartino Entertainment
Publisher: DeMartino Entertainment

  • Collect music notes to add sound to the game
  • Classic platformer style

  • Cons
  • At the moment only a demo
  • Awkward controls

  • Review


    is a 3D adventure platformer for Android that is due to be released in December 2014. At the moment, users are able to download a free demo version of the game from Google Play to get a taste of what it is like. As the game is still in production, not all the features are yet accessible, and the gameplay does not represent the quality of the final game, but it does provide a good idea of what you are going to get.


    For a demo, I think it is pretty comprehensive, because you get to play the first four levels. You take on the role of a character called Baku, who travels through varying environments collecting treasure, etc.


    My initial reaction was just how similar this game feels to Crash Bandicoot, although the characters look nothing alike, there are a lot of parallels. Here are just a few examples:


  • They both have man eating plants

  • [image6]

  • They both have wizard bad guys
  • They both have breakable crates: explosives, treasures, checkpoints

  • [image5]

  • You have to collect a crystal at the end of each level in both
  • Similar obstacles/environments to get through
  • Both have levels where you are being chased.

  • [image7]

    Despite this, Harmony of Buku does have enough distinctive features so that it does not feel like a complete rip off. It is also entertaining.


    One of the unique features I like is the collection of musical notes. When you start a level, you have no notes, and therefore there is no sound. Once you break a crate with music, however, the game gets background music and sound effects.


    These notes can be used to buy items from the shop, but because this is only a demo, that feature is not yet available.


    At the moment, my main concern is the controls, which are a bit awkward. The concept is good: a touch screen joystick, with jump and attack button. The execution isn't so good. Buku is slow to move, controlling the camera is difficult, and these two things put together means jumping between ledges is frustrating. As this is a demo, hopefully these things will be fixed.


    shows promise, and will be worth trying when the full version comes out.


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