SpiderMan Unlimited

SpiderMan Unlimited

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The Sinister Six have opened a dimensional portal so that they can unleash multiple versions of themselves into New York to cause havoc. Now Spiderman must summon Spidermen from other dimensions to help stop them.

Type: Action
Platform: Android, iOS
Players: 1 Player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: Continous
Developer or Designer: GameLoft
Publisher: Gameoft

  • Great graphics
  • Like reading a comic book
  • Parental locks to stop children making in-app purchases

  • Cons
  • Controls often unresponsive
  • Downloading new issues takes a long time

  • Review


    Any comic book fan is going to want to check out Spider-Man Unlimited . Free to download for Android and iOS systems, the game turns the genre of comics into a 3D interactive medium, in which you take on the role of the Marvel hero, Spiderman.


    Spider-Man Unlimited has gorgeous graphics that keep with the comic book style, using speech bubbles, and visual sound effects such as 'POW!'.


    The dialogue is humorous, and there is an actual storyline to follow. As you progress further through the game, a new 'Issue' is released, just like the story of a serial comic continues with each monthly release. There are currently four issues, but Gameloft continues to release more with updates.


    The style of the game is that of a runner, where you are collecting energy (ISO-8), fighting bad guys, and swinging through the city. The ISO-8 that you collect allows you to buy new Spiderman heroes from other dimensions. These characters have all featured in comic books at one point or another in history. The Spidermen come in different rarities from Common to Legendary.


    The rarer ones are likely only to be gained by using crystals which can be earned, but mainly need to be bought using in-app purchases. For parents, who don't want their kids spending money, there is a useful parental lock to prevent it.


    Spider-Man Unlimited is a really good game, except for one fact: although in theory the controls are very easy to use, I often find them unresponsive, so if I try to jump over an obstacle, I end up crashing and losing a life. If you lose all your lives, you have to wait a certain amount of time until you can play again, or pay to play straight away.


    The response of controls may be dependent on your individual tablet/phone, so it is well worth checking out.


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