Save The Puppies

Save The Puppies

Posted 2014-08-16 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

An evil dogcatcher came in the night and kidnapped all your puppies. Save them by navigating your way around puzzling environments.

Type: Puzzle
Platform: Android
Players: 1 player
Age: Any age
Game Time: 3 - 6 hrs
Developer or Designer: HandyGames
Publisher: HandyGames

  • Challenging, but not frustratingly so
  • Cute characters
  • Unlimited 'undo' function

  • Cons
  • Holding the direction button too long can make you overstep

  • Review


    Why has a dog catcher gone into someone's garden into the middle of the night to steal puppies that clearly have an owner? I have no idea, but ultimately it serves a good storyline for a fun Android puzzle game called, unsurprisingly Save the Puppies .


    You take on the role of Mummy Dachshund, whose pups, for some reason, bare no resemblance to her whatsoever.


    The puppies have been locked in cages and are scattered around various environments, which bares no resemblance to a dog pound. Quite where this dogcatcher took them to, I'm not sure, but it looks like some kind of floating island in the sky.


    Somehow, Mummy Dachshund has managed to track her puppies down. But apparently that was the easy part. Now her mission is to free them by...find the key to cage? Nope, the cages magically disappear when you stand next to them.


    The difficulty is in reaching them, for there are bridges, hills, holes, rivers guard dogs, cats, and various other obstacles that stand in your way.


    You have five hundred steps to navigate your way through as many chapters as you can to rescue all the puppies. And because the pups aren't really all that important, you should feel free to take your time and collect a few bones along the way. There are objects along the way that can help you to reach your goal, such as boxes to bridge gaps and hotdogs to make you grow longer.


    If you pass a level with a rating of three stars then you you earn an extra twenty steps. The better your rating, the more points you earn, which will earn you keys, which can be used to unlock more steps or show you the solution to a level you may be stuck on. If you don't have any keys left, and have run out of steps that you have the choice of buying more steps, or waiting a while before the step meter re-fills.


    The first few levels are easy, but as you progress you'll have to stop and think a while before taking your turn, because they can be quite tricky to figure out.


    Save the Puppies provides just the right amount of a challenge; it makes you think, but does not leave you pulling your hair out. With a hundred and fifty puzzles to solve, it is fun for both kids and adults.


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