Pinball Pro 5000

Pinball Pro 5000

Posted 2014-08-07 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Play pinball on your tablet with a choice of various different themed machines.

Type: Arcade
Platform: Android
Players: 1 player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: TerranDroid
Publisher: TerranDroid

  • Free
  • Five different themed pinball machines

  • Cons
  • Poor choice of music & sound effects

  • Review


    The first thing that struck me about is that it is completely free. I don't just mean that it is free to download, but there are no in-game purchases to be made either. There are five different themed pinball machines, and I was expecting that most of them would have to be unlocked by paying for a premium version. Nope. Each one is available to play right from the get go.

    My slight quibble with this is it means there is nothing to strive for. Although I obviously don't want to pay to play, it would have been nice if the other themed machines had to be unlocked by achieving goals, such as a high score, that way you have more motivation to do better.

    As it is, the score bored is a complete clean slate, with no computer score to beat. It's just a matter of improving your own record.


    The only other criticism I would have is the music and sound effects. The sound effects are not really the recognisable pings and rings you get from an arcade machine, and do not create the same level of energy.

    The same is true of the background music, which sounds like its from an easy listening album. It is slow, calm, and that's not what you want when playing pinball; it needs to be much more lively.

    The pinball machine themes are Classic, Christmas, Lucky Stones, Lucky Wheel, and Carnival. Out of these, I found the Lucky Wheel the game where you could earn the most points, because there is less chance of losing your ball.


    The ball will play across the board for ages. It is a game of chance though. While you can score big, there is equal opportunity to lose points if you land on a skull.


    What is fun about the game are the little hidden routes the ball can take. These can be tricky to get into, but give bonus scores, and reveal areas that you can't initially see on the board.

    Controls of the game are easy; simply press down anywhere on the screen, then let go to release a ball. To move the paddles, you just have to tap left and right.

    If you enjoy pinball, but don't have access to a proper machine, this is good alternative. A lot less costly too, since at the arcade you probably have to pay a pound a turn.


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