Palm Kingdoms 2

Palm Kingdoms 2

Posted 2015-01-16 by Lindsay Lawfollow
Logic Dots is like Sudoku without numbers and with patterns of dots instead. It’s a diverting game which should get progressively more challenging as the grids get larger, but I didn't ever feel really challenged by it.

Type: Puzzler
Platform: iOS
Players: 1
Age: 7+
Developer or Designer: Ayopa Games LLC

  • Intuitive puzzles
  • No in-app adverts

  • Cons
  • Fixed orientation – irritating when playing on an iPad

  • Review
    I love a cryptic crossword, and I’ve been quite disappointed in recent years as Sudoku puzzles have taken over the traditional crossword slot in my free morning newspaper. I suppose it makes sense – they are much more easy to create using basic programming, and therefore much cheaper than a cryptic crosswork, which requires a real person to create.

    Given my neutrality towards Sudoku I wasn’t too excited to be downloading a game that seemed so derivative of a Sudoku puzzle. However, it was better than I expected, partially because it goes well beyond the 9 by 9 grids that are the standard for Sudoku.

    In Logic Dots you are faced with the requirement to fill a grid with a pre-set amount of dots, configured in pre-set patterns. Although that might sound complicated, it’s not, I found the game very easy to pick up and play.

    You start with a small 4 by 4 grid, and get progressively larger up to a 12 by 12 grid.
    Unlocking each stage allows you to get more hints, which enables you to unlock certain stages for free. Or, you can unlock the full game for not too bad a price. I chose the hard way, slogging through each level to unlock hints, to unlock the next set of levels. Although the levels got harder, I got into a certain rhythm and slowly progressed my way through the game.

    It doesn’t have much repeat playability. Once you have done a level, why go back to it? There are sometimes multiple solutions to a level, so a way the developers could increase the playability would have been to show you how many of the variant solutions you have unlocked.

    There’s a choice of three soundtracks, which is nice, but they are all very similar with not much to distinguish between them.

    All in all, it’s a nice game. It’s not buggy, not does it fling ads in your face all the time, but it’s not one that would get me coming back to it again and again after I had finished it.

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