PACMAN Friends

PACMAN Friends

Posted 2014-09-23 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Rescue Pac-Man's friends from the Ghosts' towers.

Type: Arcade
Platform: Android
Players: 1 player
Age: Any age
Game Time: 2 - 5 hrs
Developer or Designer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco

  • 95 levels with 6 worlds to explore
  • Good graphics

  • Cons
  • Poor controls
  • Excessive adverts
  • Takes too long to restore lives

  • Review


    Pac-Man returns, but this time he doesn't just have to escape those troublesome ghosts, he has to free his captured friends as well.


    Trapped in a castle, the levels looks like a section of a traditional Pac-Man maze, each of which gets more tricky as you progress. As you search for your way out, you must collect pellets and fruit to increase your score.


    You must also avoid running into Blinky and all his other ghostly friends. To help you do this, you can pick up power pellets, which turn the tables and allow you to eat the ghosts, but the length of time this feature lasts is pitiable - probably less than half the time in the original game.


    You can also use your friends, each of which has their own special ability, such as invisibility. In total there are ninety-five levels spread across six worlds, and you will get a star rating out of three for each level you complete.


    I love the way Namco gave Pac-Man a new modern feel, but at the same time incorporated all the elements of the original game. The graphics look great, but remain true to the retro 80s design.


    The are a number of annoying aspects to PAC-MAN Friends as well though.To start with, there is ceaseless bombardment of adverts popping up all the time. There is also the inevitable in-game purchases available. Amongst the things you can buy are cherries. You begin with five cherries, which you can use if you run into a ghost, and stops you from losing a life.


    After those are used up, you can either wait for a daily reward or buy them from the store. If you don't buy cherries, then you lose a life, and each life takes half an hour to be restored.


    The other aspect of the game that needs work is the controls, despite having five types of controls, none of them are very good. Touch screen mode does not work at all, and all the other tilt modes are indistinguishable an do not move Pac-Man in a natural way.


    These things aren't mega issues, and shouldn't put you off playing the game entirely, but it will cause frustration when you reach the harder levels, where greater accuracy is needed.


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