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The only thing that kept Fukko going at work was his magic mushrooms. Now he's run out, he is on a hunt through the city for more, so that he can enter his dream zone.

Type: Platformer
Platform: Android
Players: 1 player
Age: 12 plus
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: MobileCraft
Publisher: MobileCraft

  • Good graphics
  • Fun music
  • Easy controls

  • Cons
  • None

  • Review

    ! combines retro gaming with old school culture; it sends players back for a blast from the past, but at the same time has sleek graphics and feels very modern.


    Although in 3D, is actually side side-scrolling platformer (my favourite kind) for Android, and the controls couldn't be easier. Simply press the arrows on the screen to move left, right, and jump. These actions may seem limited, but act in a variety of ways. For example, the setting of the game is the city, a Fukko is travelling to work. Instead of just walking down the road, however, he is able to jump on top of industrial crates, vehicles and cranes that take him up to the sky. Jump also allows Fukko to jump over holes in the road, and between buildings.


    The other function jump has is to kill enemies, who come in the form of builders. Some builders are harder to defeat than others as they throw spanners at you, and wear protective head gear.


    When in the dream world, Fukko can also float, which you can do by holding down on the screen. To enter the dream world you need to collect magic mushrooms until your metre is full. Fukko will then get high and enter a psychedelic space.


    While Fukko cant die in the dream world, it does have dangers, the main one being from his boss, who is chasing him. If Fukko gets caught or falls down a hole, etc, he returns to reality for 'Day Two' of work. In the real world, Fukko can die, and if that happens, you go back to Day One.


    There are lots of fun goals to try and achieve while playing, such as reaching a certain number of metres in the dream world, or collecting a certain number of mushrooms, etc. The further you progress in the game, the more XP you get to increase your level.


    Although the gameplay is suitable for any age, I'd rate it a 12 because of the explicit reference to drugs.


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