Moomin Adventures Jam Run

Moomin Adventures Jam Run

Posted 2015-04-08 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Race against the villagers of Moomin Valley to collect the most fruit so that Moominmama can make jam.

Type: Racing
Platform: Android, iOS
Players: Single Player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: Approximately 10 hrs
Developer or Designer: Indium Games
Publisher: Indium Games

  • Unlockable characters
  • Fun music
  • Side scrolling action
  • Free
  • Computer opponents make mistakes

  • Cons
  • Sometimes characters come up against invisible barriers

  • Review

    Tove Jansson's Moomin characters have been loved in books, comics, and television, but now they can be loved in games as well. In March a series of apps were released for iOS and Android systems. Most of these are for pre-school age and include colouring, dress-up, and learning maths. There is one game, however, that is fun for fans of all ages and that is Moomin Adventures: Jam Run . This free side-scrolling footrace allows you to take on the role of your favourite characters in a bid to collect the most fruit so that Moominmama can make jam.


    The controls are very easy. The character run automatically, and all you have to do is tap the screen to jump. There are lots of characters to unlock, including the less common Too-Tickey, Primadonna's Horse, and Sorry-oo. Practically every character mentioned in the book it there.


    Delightful music and charming 2D graphics all adds to the appeal. The races travel across different environments, from Moomin Valley to the beach to other islands. There are subtle variations in terms of background, length, and the obstacles you have to avoid.


    Some of the levels also have 'secret' routes that are more tricky to reach, but reap larger rewards.


    On occasion I have come across invisible obstacles or disjointed pieces of land, which I can only assume is a glitch, because there appears to be nothing in the way, yet something blocks the character moving forward. Persistence usually overcomes this issue.


    The winner of the race is not necessarily the one who comes first, but rather the one who collects the most fruit. Coming first does, however, give you a bonus fruit supply to increase your score.


    Once you won a race, your then unlock the next course, but before that you'll want to hand in your fruit to Moominmamma, because the more jam that is made, the more characters you can unlock.


    By watching online video advertisements you can also earn emeralds that can be put in the Hobgoblin's hate to unlock other characters too.


    Although Moomin Adventures: Jam Run is a single player game, if you connect with your Google or Facebook account, you can compare your scores to a global leader board, and look at the accolades you've earned.


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