Monopoly Wii

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Monopoly: the classic family board game that is considered hours of fun for some and endless torture for others. There are dozens of variations on the game now, including a version for the Nintendo Wii, which includes additional mini games.

Type: Virtual Board Game
Platform: Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, iPhone, and Xbox 360
Players: 1-4
Age: 3
Game Time: 30 minutes to 2 hours
Developer: EA
Publisher: EA

  • Doesn't take as long as the board game
  • Quick-play version
  • Lots of different boards

  • Cons
  • Not all the player pieces are available
  • Biased towards computer player 4
  • Can't skip through explanations
  • Automatic actions can be confusing

  • Review
    The main problem I find with the board game version of Monopoly is that if there are only two players, things usually end in a stalemate - very frustrating when you have been playing for several hours. With the video game version, however, this is avoided, because no matter how many physical players are involved, a computer player will fill up the extra spaces. There are three difficulty levels, but I recommend always picking easy, because no matter how good you are at the game, you can't beat biased dice. That is my main criticism of . No matter how many times I play, computer player 4 always wins by a landslide. At least in the classic version of the game.

    For those who do not like the time it takes to play traditional Monopoly, there is an alternative option called Richest Edition. In this version, four dice are rolled; the number on each die represents how many tokens a player will place on the board. If your token lands on a property, then they automatically own in, and then other players have to pay up. Who gets which die is determined by playing mini games, which involve shaking or rotating the wii controller. For example, one game involves Mr. Monopoly running after an ambulance, while another has you sawing prison bars to get out of jail. The winner gets to pick which die they want first.

    I prefer this version because of its speed. You can play a game in 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many mini-games you decide to have. Speed is a bit of an issue with the game overall. In some cases things go too fast - like when computer players have their turn and properties get exchanged automatically - which can be confusing, and at other times you have to listen to the same instructions over and over again without being able to skip.

    Overall, however, I think it is a worthwhile game. If you have ever been interested in playing different versions of the classic board, but have not wanted to spend a small fortune on buying each new edition, you can get them all here. There's a world board, a space board, a food board, and the list goes on. You can unlock boards by building up your passport. This is achieved by acquiring a new property (for example, if you buy Whitechapel road, then you get a passport stamp).

    If I was going to be uber critical, I would complain that there is no cannon or battleship player piece, but that is about the only thing that's missing. It is a good choice if you like Monopoly, but have no one to play the board game with.


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