Jungle Adventures

Jungle Adventures

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Matt's princess has been kidnapped by Lion Monster and he must traverse dangerous lands and enemies to rescue her.

Type: Adventure
Platform: Android, iOS
Players: Single Player
Age: 3 plus
Game Time: 12 - 24 hours
Developer or Designer: Rendered Ideas
Publisher: PEGI

  • Retro platforming style
  • Easy controls
  • Free

  • Cons
  • Copying Super Mario Bros.

  • Review

    An unashamed cardboard copy of the Mighty Mario Super Brothers, allows people to download the game from Google Play and the Apple Store for free. Whether you consider this a good or a bad thing is down to you. There are both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that gamers can play something similar in style to the legendary Mario without having to pay to do so. The downside is shows unoriginality and can never live up to the same standard.

    Following a very familiar storyline, caveman Matt's girlfriend has been kidnapped by a big ugly looking bad guy made up of an amalgamation of different animals. Matt must rescue her. In order to rescue her, he must first reach Lion Monster's Lair, which involves traversing many 2D platforming landscapes. These worlds consist of dangerous enemies such as spiky hedgehogs, slimy snails, and overhead flying crows.

    Don't worry if you get injured though; giant eggs contain magical healing potions inside. There are also checkpoints so you don't have to start all the way from the beginning again if you die.

    It is important to fill up on your five-a-day on your journey, because once you collect one hundred pieces of fruit and veg you'll gain an extra life.

    The controls to Junge Adventures are very easy to use. There are four symbols on the screen, which you press to jump, throw stones, and move left and right.

    Once you've reached the final area of a level, it is then time to face a big boss in his castle. Unsurprisingly you have to conk these bruisers on the head three times to defeat them before you can move onto the next level.


    is a fun and enjoyable game. It provides a challenge and is an entertaining way to spend some spare time. My only really problem with it is that it is copying Super Mario Brothers.


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