Hugo and the Quest for the Sun Stones

Hugo and the Quest for the Sun Stones

Posted 2015-02-11 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Scylla's henchman has blasted a boulder into a volcano, which will cause a deadly eruption. The only way to prevent it is my collecting sun stones, and Hugo is just the troll for the job.

Type: Adventure
Platform: Playstation One, PC
Players: 1 player
Age: 3 plus
Game Time: 10 hrs
Developer or Designer: ITE Media
Publisher: ITE Media

  • Challenging levels
  • Levels take different formats

  • Cons
  • Hugo moves slowly
  • No save option

  • Review

    Hugo is a video game series created in Denmark that has seen the release of over thirty titles since 1991. Quest for the Sun Stones was released in 2000 for the Playstation One and PC, and sets Hugo off on an adventure to save the Kikurians, who are threatened by an imminent volcanic eruption. To stop the eruption, Hugo must find three sun stones, located in an Inca pyramid, snowy mountain cave, and an old pirate grotto.


    It is a classic 3D platformer, with all the familiar features: collecting a hundred gems for a life boost, facing enemies of nature (venus fly traps, grabbing trees, lava monsters), and avoiding obstacles.


    It is very entertaining, and quite a challenge as the levels are long, and there are only a few check points along the way.


    One interesting feature which has both advantages and disadvantages is the way you save. The game does not save any of your progress, but instead at the end of each level gives your a code, which you need to put in next time you play. The good aspect here is that it doesn't use up any space on your memory card; the bad news is that you have to remember to write down the code before pressing 'okay', otherwise you'll have to start from the very beginning again.


    Each level is slightly different in style, making it more interesting. For example, in some levels are forward facing, others are side scrollers, and some have you running towards the screen, running away from the danger approaching you from behind.


    Although the controls are slightly stiff when it comes to running or directing and attack, Hugo is a great game for all ages.


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