Galaxy Dash

Galaxy Dash

Posted 2014-10-01 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Navigate your way through asteroid fields to smuggle loot.

Type: Action
Platform: Android and iOS
Players: 1 player
Age: Any Age
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: SuperMoon Games
Publisher: SuperMoon Games

  • Endless runner
  • Good graphics

  • Cons
  • Touch screen controls rather than tilt

  • Review


    In this endless runner you are a space smuggler, whose mission it is to raid cargo from passing ships, blow up asteroids for crystals, and collect as much valuable loot as possible. : Race to Outer Run brings a bit more action to your typical chase by adding elements of space combat. It is free to download from Google Play, buy also offers in app purchases so that you can buy upgrades for your ship.


    It is not necessary, however, to spend real money to buy upgrades, because you can do this by collecting crystals. The crystals can be spent on increasing your cargo capacity, weapon power, and shields. You can also buy more advanced ships and hire a crew.


    Although it is an endless runner, there are levels. Once you reach a wormhole, you move onto the next galaxy, which as a slightly different environment. What I like about this is that the wormhole acts as a checkpoint, so if your ship is destroyed, you don't go all the way back to Galaxy One, but the last galaxy you arrived at.


    has three lanes of 'traffic', which you navigate through. Obstacles include asteroids and other ships, which you can either avoid or blow up. It would be the perfect set up if SuperMoon had utilised the capabilities of a tablet to its full extent, but unfortunately they don't, and the controls suffer as a result. lends itself to a tilt screen control format, but instead, to move lanes, you have to move the ship by dragging you finger across the screen. Since touching the screen is also the control for firing weapons, I often find myself wasting fire power, as it shoots at the same time as when I move.


    Despite this is an entertaining game, with lots of different goals to achieve, such as travelling a certain distance, blowing up a quota of ships, etc. There is also a high score board; if you are connected to Facebook, you can compete against your friend's scores, and if you are offline, you can try to beat the computer scores.


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