Draw Something 2

Draw Something 2

Posted 2014-07-14 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Use your tablet to create drawings, and have your friends guess what they are.

Type: Drawing
Platform: Android, iOS
Players: 1 - 2 players
Age: Any Age
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: Zynga
Publisher: Zynga

  • Share artwork

  • Cons
  • Have to buy art tools
  • Difficult to draw on a tablet

  • Review

    is a free tablet game for Android and iOS, and is the computer age equivalent of Pictionary.

    During a game you will be given a choice of three words to to use as a prompt for your drawing. These words can be something simple like a banana to something more abstract, such as Decision. Your drawing will then be sent to a random online opponent, who has to guess what you have drawn. The more difficult the word is to guess, the more coins it is worth.

    After they have guessed, it will then be their turn to draw, and you have to guess. You will see the artist's drawing process as it takes place; it is interesting to see the drawing develop before your eyes as you try to figure out what it is.


    Below the drawing you will be given a selection of letter that you have to make the word from. Since it tells you how many letters the word has, and you don't have the entire alphabet to choose from, guessing is pretty easy.

    If you get the correct answer, then you will win coins. Coins can be spent in the shop to buy art tools, which you will need to be able to create anything half decent. When you start the game, all you have is a pencil and rubber, and trying to make anything of value with these tools is impossible.


    This is not helped by the fact that drawing on a tablet is very difficult. Your finger acts as the utensil, so your accuracy is entirely dependent on the width of your fingers. Even with my slender fingers, I find it impossible to mark the spot I want.


    In my opinion, drawing is not appropriate for a tablet; it simply isn't practical. However, I must point out that on the homepage there is a pin up of other users' daily draws, and there are some amazing creations on there. How they create masterpieces like that I'm not sure.

    [image6 Not enough room to draw width-ways]

    My guess is they are using a wide screen tablet with very high specs, unlike mine which has about a 7" screen and no room to draw anything that has any substantial width.

    If you are going to get any use out of this, you need a large tablet, a stylus, and money to spend on the proper art tools.


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