Dominoes Online

Dominoes Online

Posted 2014-03-01 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Play three versions of Dominoes on your tablet against players online.

Type: Tile Game
Platform: Android
Players: 1- 4 Players
Age: Any Age
Game Time: 5 minutes
Game Time:
Developer or Designer: Reznic Software
Publisher: Reznic Software

  • Can play against others online
  • Time limit per turn
  • 3 versions

  • Cons
  • Tiles run off the screen
  • Muggins mode is only a trial

  • Review

    After my disatisfaction with the Dominoes app by Maysalward, I downloaded to see if it fared any better. It is an improvement, but still has flaws.

    Staring with the positives, in the version by Reznic Software, you are able to play either against the computer or against up to three other opponents online.

    The first time you play online, you are asked to register with an email. This allows you to have a username, and save your stats. This is not obligatory, however, and if you don't register, you will simply have a guest name.

    On one occasion when playing against others, one of the players left the game during gameplay, which would be annoying if you were left waiting for ages. Fortunately the game has a time limit in which you can have your turn, so it passed on to the next player automatically.

    What I also like about this game are the various ways you can play. You can choose what you want the scoring to go up to, and you can choose between three different modes of play.

    Block mode is the classic version of the game, while draw is the classic version, plus the fact that you have to pick up a tile if you can't go. The third version is called Muggins. Here the aim is to match numbers that are a multiple of five. For example, a 1 will go on a five, a two will go on a three, etc.

    The hitch? Muggins is only part of an eleven-day trial. After that you have to pay for the full version. But even when I accessed the game on the first day, I selected Muggins mode, and yet it still reverted to block dominoes.

    My main issue with , however, is during gameplay. When a tile reaches the end of the screen, it does not change the direction of the next tile, but instead puts the tile off screen. I didn't realise this at first, and kept missing turns when I could have gone. To get past this problem, you constantly have to scroll the screen.

    Although better than the previous Dominoes app, this still doesn't cut it. My search continues.


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