Disneys Dinosaur

Disneys Dinosaur

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Aladar's home on Lemur Island has been destroyed, and he must now flee with his family, while avoiding carnivorous enemies.

Type: Adventure
Platform: Playstation One, Playstation Two, Gameboy Colour, PC, Dreamcast
Players: Single Player
Age: 3 plus
Game Time: 5 - 10 hrs
Developer or Designer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft

  • None

  • Cons
  • Poor graphics
  • Slow movement
  • Difficult to navigate
  • Poor map
  • Cut scenes too long

  • Review

    When an orphaned dinosaur ends up on Lemur Island, a group of lemurs welcomes him into the family. Aladar the dinosaur grows up with them very happily until one day a meteor shower destroys everything they know, and the they have to find a new home. Their journey is not met without peril, as many carnivorous dinosaurs block their path.

    That is the premise of Dinosaur, a Disney film from 2000. Like a lot of film, a video game adaptation was released at the same time. Video games based on films can be very hit and miss, and I am afraid to say, Disney's Dinosaur is without a doubt the latter. It is quite possibly one of the worst video games of all time.

    Given the year in which it was made, the graphics are appalling; they are very pixellated and the landscapes are as dull as mud. For that matter, the entire game is dull.

    The adventure game is mainly a series of puzzle missions, in which the characters either have to retrieve food or kill enemy dinosaurs. This would be okay if this only encompassed a few of the objectives, but it is pretty much the whole game. There is no variety.

    The main issue, however, is the controls. It is not so much that it is difficult to control the characters, but rather that their movements are so limited. They walk as slow as a tortoise, so it takes forever to get anywhere. The camera is also highly zoomed in; you can't see much of what is ahead of you, so often end up going the wrong way. The dots on the map is not very clear either. Are they the characters, the enemies, or the objects I you need to find?

    For the first time writing a review, I have been unable to think of anything remotely positive to say about this game, and I think it is best kept as a distant memory - or better yet, forgotten in history.



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