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Explore the castle, make friends with Kat and her father, and avoid 's ghostly uncles.

Type: Puzzle
Platform: Playstation 1, 3DO, Sega Saturn, Game Boy Color,
Players: 1
Age: 3 plus
Game Time: 9 hours
Developer or Designer: Absolute Entertainment
Publisher: Interplay Entertainment

  • Easy controls
  • Makes you think
  • Can save at any time

  • Cons
  • Dialogue in text instead of spoken

  • Review

    Everyone's favourite ghost, , hit the screens in 1995, and it was not long after that a video game was released to accompany it. Actually, two. Video games are released on different systems, and it is often the case that a game will differ depending on which console it was made for. The first game out was for the SNES, while the following came out for the Playstation 1, 3DO, Sega Saturn, Game Boy Color.


    While the former is more action based, the latter is a puzzle game. I am reviewing the puzzle version for the PS1. The graphics are about average quality for its time of release, but the layout is quite intriguing. You see your surroundings as a 2D blueprint of the mansion, with 3D characters moving around them.


    You control , who although is a ghost, cannot travel through walls. It is a bit of a logic error there, but without this limitation, there would really be no game. Instead has to collect puzzle pieces to learn how to travel through air vents, and unlock new locations.


    The main aspect of the game is unlocking areas of the mansion by flicking switches, finding keys, and solving other puzzles. It is a relaxed game, with no sense of urgency, so is good for casual gamers. Hard core gamers, however, will get bored quite quickly.


    As well as keys, can collect food, which restores his health, if he gets knocked about by his ghastly uncles. There also objects that need to be found and used to progress the story.


    is divided into three acts, the first of which is finding a gift to give Kat and Dr. Harvey so they won't be scared of . Second is to find objects to help build Dr. Harvey's Lazarus machine, and third is to defeat the main villain, Carrigan.


    Although not exciting, it does make you think, and is easy to pick up and play. Since you can save at any time, you can also stop whenever you want, without having to complete a level. The only real disappointment is the lack of dialogue, which instead is shown as text on the screen, and interrupts al the gameplay.


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