Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas

Posted 2014-05-05 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Help Benji collect bananas for his girlfriend by swing from tree to tree.

Type: Side Scroller
Platform: Android
Players: 1 - 2 players
Age: And Age
Game Time: 2 minutes/level
Developer or Designer: Fingersoft
Publisher: Fingersoft

  • Easy controls
  • Casual pick up and play
  • Free

  • Cons
  • Two player mode awkward

  • Review

    With crisp and colourful graphics, Benji Bananas is a game you instantly want to have a go at. The premise is pretty simple, and when you consider your protagonist is a monkey, not all that hard to guess: collect bananas. Yep, that's about it. Collect as many bananas as you can for Benji's girlfriend. Of course, this isn't a simple trip to the supermarket. Benji must swing from vine to vine, avoid obstacles along the way.


    Dangers in the jungle include spiky plants, rivers, and just the pure laws of physics. If you don't get enough momentum, you won't swing far enough, and end up falling to the ground.

    Sometimes you will be rescued by a bouncy net that will send Benji soaring back into the sky.


    There are ways to improve your chances, and this is through buying powerups. Bananas are your currency, and they let you purchase all sorts of things from the shop. These include a cape (allows you fly further before falling) and a magnet (attracts bananas to you).


    What I like about Benji Bananas is that when you complete a level, the game doesn't come to an end, and then sends you to the next location; instead, the game continues straight through to a new environment, which is separated by a long stretch of water with a waterfall. This allows you to keep playing without losing momentum.


    As well as the main aim of collecting bananas, there are also mini goals to complete, like reaching a certain distance.


    Benji Bananas has a two player mode, with three types of games, which can be unlocked as you progress. Although the aim is different for each one, gameplay is pretty much identical.


    Playing is a bit awkward though; instead of taking it in turns, the screen is split in two, and you play at the same time. While this increases the competitive element, it does mean that the tablet has to be laid on a flat surface. With two people's hands using the touch screen at the same time, you can get in the way of each other, and end up obscuring your view of the screen.


    Benji Bananas is perfect for casual gamers looking for something they can pick up and play without having to immerse themselves into a storyline or learn complicated tricks or strategies. It won't keep you occupied for hours, but gives you a bit of fun during those few spare moments.


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