Amazing Wheel

Amazing Wheel

Posted 2015-11-25 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Spin the wheel and guess the word

Type: Word
Platform: Android, iOS
Players: Single Player
Age: 3 plus
Game Time: Endless
Developer or Designer: AppAsia Studio
Publisher: PEGI

  • Can be challenging
  • Free

  • Cons
  • No multiplayer mode
  • NPC spins rigged

  • Review

    is based on the the UK television game show Wheel of Fortune, which aired between 1988 - 2001. The aim of the game was to guess the word or phrase on the board before the other contestants.

    Contestants would take their turns spinning a wheel, which could land on several types of scenarios. These include a sum of money, jackpot, prize object, miss a turn, or bankruptcy. As long as you don't lose money or miss a turn then you get the chance to choose a constant and find out if it is present in the word. you get to continue spinning the wheel until you get a letter wrong.

    If you got enough letters then you stood a chance working out the word without any vowels. If you needed more help then you could buy a vowel.


    is exactly the same premise, but unfortunately is nowhere near as entertaining. The main reason for this is because there is no multiplayer mode. Although you can connect with Facebook, all you can do is share your score, not play with others. You can only play with a computer character. This is no fun because the results are not random; everything is pretty much rigged. First they will guess the most unlikely letters possible (Z, Q, X), and score very little. Once you have correctly guessed several of the letter, the computer character will then suddenly spin the wheel, land on the jackpot, and guess the word correctly. This rigging of the game saps any enjoyment of the game.

    There are other downfalls as well, such as needing an internet connection to play, despite not being able to play against others. The characters you can choose for your avatar are also very limited.

    There are two styles of play, Wheel Challenge and Category Challenge, but apart from the latter having a specific theme, there is very little difference between the two.

    has no redeeming features as far as I can see, and I would not recommend wasting your time with it.


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