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Rugrats Studio Tour

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Rugrats sudio tour, rugrats, playstation, ps1

Tommy and the gang are on a tour of a film set, when his little brother, Dill accidentally gets locked behind a security door. The keys are scattered through out the studio, can you find them, and help rescue Dil?

Type: Adventure
Platform: Playstation 1
Players: 1 - 4 players
Age: 3 plus
Game Time: 8 - 12 hrs
Developer or Designer: n-Space
Publisher: THQ

A wide variety of mini games
Can play in any order
Funny dialogue
Can play as all the characters

Poor graphics
Poor controls
Poor camera


rugrats sudio tour, rugrats, playstation, ps1

The Rugrats Studior Tour is a Playstation 1 game based on the popular children's show that aired on Nickelodeon during the 1990s. It is about a group of babies who go on adventures by imagining that the average environment around them is a huge exciting world.

rugrats sudio tour, rugrats, playstation, ps1

In the game, Tommy and his friends become pirates, spacemen, and cowboys on studio sets, playing a range of fun mini games. Each set is based on a different theme, and there are four mini games in each, adding up to a total of sixteen.

rugrats sudio tour, rugrats, playstation, ps1

In Captain Cookies, the games include a treasure hunt, foot race, tag, and crazy golf. When you're in Lazy Saddles, you take on target practice using milk bottles instead of guns and go on Indiana Jones type adventures, while in Outside Space you run around in Zero Gees, and defeat aliens. In my opinion, however, Diapies of Thunder is the best, and where you race about in karts.

rugrats sudio tour, rugrats, playstation, ps1

When you complete these games, you earn a key to help unlock the door Dil is trapped behind. You can also earn keys by collecting Reptar bars.

Aimed at young children up to about nine years old, everything is very innocent, and completely without any form of violence - there isn't even your standard attack button to defeat mechanical toy enemies. It is a lot of fun for kids, but does have issues.

rugrats sudio tour, rugrats, playstation, ps1

To start with, the graphics are poor compared to games of the same era. They look pixilated, and the characters features look painted on. The controls are also pretty bad; movement is stiff, slow, and the characters can't walk in a straight line or jump very high. You might expect this from babies, but it does make playing a pain. The most annoying feature, however, is the camera, which does not rotate in the direction you want it to, often leading you to go in the wrong direction or fall down holes. On the up side, dialogue is very good, with humorous puns that will even have adults laughing.

Children spoilled by the pristine graphics of modern computer games might be disappointed by Rugrats Studio Tour, but for those who appreciate a variety of games that doesn't involve battles or fighting of any kind, will certainly be entertained.

You can play the games in any order you please, without having to unlock certain areas, which is in the unlikely event that you get stuck somewhere. There is also a multiplayer mode for up to four people, where you can race and chase one another, or try to beat each other's score. I think this is better than single player mode, because it is more interactive and sociable.

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